Evening MBA Admissions Staff Spotlight: Megan Lewis

Ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at Foster’s MBA Admissions team? Why do they do what they do? What drives them? What do they appreciate about Foster? Meet M?gan Lewis, Senior Associate Director of MBA Admissions.

What brought you to Foster? What are your responsibilities as a member of Foster’s Admissions team?

M?gan Lewis, Senior Associate Director, MBA Admissions

M?gan Lewis, Senior Associate Director, MBA Admissions

In late 2012, I transitioned back to Seattle to be near my family. I had lived abroad in Mexico City for five years, where I led a small EducationUSA advising center funded by the U.S. Department of State that facilitates international student exchange. Through EducationUSA, among a wide range of responsibilities, I supported recruitment for MBA Admissions staff from various MBA programs across the U.S. I became very familiar with the world of MBA Admissions and knew that it would provide an exciting new professional adventure. After a stint in public K-12 education and experience with education in both the non-profit and public sectors, I was eager to learn more about the world of business. I was also seeking an opportunity to creatively solve problems and implement new programs while connecting with students and traveling.

I’m primarily responsible for marketing and recruitment strategy for the Full-time and Evening MBA Program, which includes working with our marketing and communications team on print and digital media, overseeing our recruitment event calendar, and managing use of our customer relationship management technology. I also lead work on diversity recruitment and recruitment in Latin America. I share responsibilities in recruitment travel, reading applications, interviewing applicants, and event planning.

Megan at Amazon China

M?gan at Amazon China

Why did you choose Foster as a professional?

I wanted to work for a highly reputed public higher education institution that would challenge me to learn new knowledge and skills in a supportive environment. I don’t have a business background and I was hoping to gain a business mindset by joining a community of powerful business leaders. Once I dug into the depth and breadth of the Foster MBA program offerings, met the staff in the MBA Program Office, and learned about the Foster culture, I was certain I would love working here. I also wanted to work on a beautiful campus in Seattle proper. It was the obvious choice!

Fill in the blank: Foster is ________.

Fluid. It’s a balance of independent individuals engaged in a strong community with amazing access to resources. Students define their goals, form their own program of study, and choose how to best take advantage of the plentiful opportunities available at Foster. The program is constantly adjusting to the needs of students as our business climate grows and changes, following industry trends and keeping abreast of the latest research informing business practices.

Diversity and Inclusion leaders at corporations like Nordstrom, Microsoft, and T-Mobile have spoken at our FOSTERing MBA Access events.

Diversity and Inclusion leaders at corporations like Nordstrom, Microsoft, and T-Mobile have spoken at our FOSTERing MBA Access events.

What sets Foster Evening MBA students apart?

Foster Evening MBA students are walking miracles. I still can’t wrap my mind around how they are able to juggle family, work, school, participation in clubs, volunteering, giving back to the Foster program as Student Ambassadors, gifting the MBA Program staff Christmas cards and treats, etc., etc., etc. The most amazing part is that when I run into them they are usually smiling.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Education and business are both incredibly powerful forces for socioeconomic mobility, the passion that drives me. At my core, I’m motivated by playing a part in others’ success and I’m happiest when I am connecting with people who are pursuing their aspirations, especially in cases where I can provide information resources or advising to first-generation college students or under-resourced applicants.

What is Foster’s competitive advantage?

There are many, but the highly capable tight-knit community is our best asset. This community is made up of students and faculty, but also alumni and the local business community. They genuinely care about supporting one another and generously spend time building each other up in tangible ways: taking care of each other’s’ children, taking on the larger burden of a team project when necessary, tutoring each other, forming small student support groups, and the list goes on. Our students achieve because they share their knowledge, connections, ideas, time, energy and resources. They are sharp and hardworking, so the sum of these parts results in each student achieving far beyond what they could accomplish on their own.

What do you appreciate the most about the Foster community?

Our entrepreneurial mindset. While relatively few students are setting out to own their own business, there is a Wild West influence on the culture of the program. Our students are optimistic while focusing on what matters and paying careful attention to the bottom line. They demonstrate high tolerance for risk and ambiguity, and welcome change. They are resourceful in listening for and testing new ideas. They love a challenge and they take action. If it’s not working, they recover quickly, collect information and feedback and throw themselves into the next solution. Many of our students feel a bit non-traditional as business students. They are quirky, unique, and confident in what they bring to the table. This creates a rich and open learning environment and results in bigger and better business ideas.

What is one interesting fact most people don’t know about you that you would like to share?

I love dancing Cumbia with my husband!

Megan dancing Cumbia at her wedding

Megan dancing Cumbia at her wedding

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