Evening MBA Goes Test Optional: Your Questions Answered

The Evening MBA Program at Foster is excited to announce our application process for the 2022 admission cycle is test optional. It is our hope that providing this increased flexibility will remove some of the barriers standardized testing presents.

Amber Janke“The Evening MBA Admissions Committee is excited to provide an additional avenue for candidates to consider as they compose their best application for the Evening MBA Program. Our admissions process has always focused on holistic evaluation, and we believe this change will enable a more diverse group to pursue an MBA. We understand and recognize that standardized testing is not always reflective of a candidate’s experience, and we hope this opportunity will offer qualified candidates to highlight their strengths.”


Amber Janke, Director – MBA Admissions


Read more about our test optional policy and find answers to FAQ’s below:

Who should apply test optional?

Applicants who have several of the following may be good candidates for test optional:

  • Strong quantitative or analytical ability demonstrated throughout educational records, with a GPA at or above average as listed on the class profile.
  • An undergraduate, masters, or advanced degree in STEM or a business-related major, with strong performance and multiple quantitative or analytical courses.
  • Clearly demonstrated quantitative or analytical professional work experience. Professional certifications in a quantitative-related field, e.g., CPA, CFA, PE, etc.
  • Four or more years of progressively responsible professional work experience which demonstrate deep quantitative or analytical aptitude.
  • A University of Washington undergraduate or graduate degree with a strong academic record.

Read more about test optional on our Admissions FAQs.

I’m interested – how do I apply test optional?

To apply test optional, please complete all questions in the “Test Optional Summary of Qualifications” section of the application. It is required that you complete all questions in this section for full consideration.

You are not required to self-report GMAT, GRE or EA scores. Please skip the GMAT, GRE and EA sections in the application and leave them blank.

I already took the test and am happy with the results, should I still apply test optional?

We recommend anyone who already has test scores that they are happy with to submit them with their application. We accept the GRE, GMAT, and Executive Assessment. We do not have a minimum score requirement, and admit students with a wide range of scores:

  • Average GRE Scores:
    • 157 Average GRE Quantitative Score
    • 158 Average GRE Verbal Score
      • To report your official GRE scores, use school code 4854.
  • Average GMAT: 650
    • To report your official GMAT scores, use school code 459-75-20.
  • Executive Assessment:
    • We recommend scores in the 50th percentile or higher for each section of the EA.
    • To report your official EA scores, select “Foster School of Business – Evening MBA” when prompted.

If I apply test optional, will it put my application behind those who apply with scores?

Not at all. The Evening MBA Program takes a holistic approach to evaluating applications, considering factors such as education and professional experience, communication skills, leadership experience or leadership potential, and more. We always recommend that you focus on submitting your strongest application, so take the time to consider all components of the application.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to the Evening MBA Admissions Team at [email protected] or check out the Admissions page for additional information about the application process. We look forward to assisting you in your Evening MBA journey!

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