Evening MBA transformers: David Zern

David ZernOnce: fraud analyst, T-Mobile
Now: marketing manager, T-Mobile

Tell us about your previous career: Before starting at Foster, I worked my way up through the ranks at T-Mobile, starting in retail and moving to my then position as a risk analyst. The role involved combing through databases to determine who was committing fraud on our network. The role gave me some good experience, but unfortunately did not offer much upside.

What are you currently doing in your role? My current role is a marketing manager supporting base communication at T-Mobile. I ensure that our marketing messages go out correctly, on time and with relevant information. I assist the strategy team on what the best method of communicating with customers is and what can be deemed successful once the campaign has finished.

How did the Evening MBA Program help you transition to your new role? Transitioning to my new role was somewhat of an accident. I went with my fiancé to the Foster alumni poker tournament where she happened to be seated at a table with one of my current co-workers, who was an alumnus of the Evening MBA Program. She introduced us and, after talking with him for a bit, he mentioned his team was looking to hire. I was able to leverage what I had learned in my brief time in the program to move into my current role.

What advice do you have for part-time MBA students interested in making a career transition? Networking and asking your fellow classmates never hurts when looking for a new role. I stumbled upon my role by accident, but would not have been in that position had it not been for my networking abilities and my fiancé introducing us. If you are interested in a new career, find out who works at the company you are looking to move to or ask around to see if anyone has advice. I’ve been asked on several occasions and have referred several people to T-Mobile now that I’m in a role where I can do that. Networking is key!

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