Evening MBA transformers: Peter Olagunju

Peter Olagunju Once: compliance manager, ZymoGenetics
Now: director global operations, Dendreon

Tell us about your previous career: Prior to starting the Evening MBA Program in 2009, I held the role of compliance manager with a local biotechnology organization, ZymoGenetics. In this role I had responsibility for ensuring that our external partners (manufacturing, transportation, storage and shipping) were in compliance with various regulatory requirements. When I started this role it was as an individual contributor, but I transitioned to managing a small team halfway through the MBA program.

What are you currently doing in your role? In my current role, I have responsibility for the European supply chain which includes contract manufacturers, international couriers and raw material providers.

How did the Evening MBA Program help you transition to your new role? Unequivocally, without the Evening MBA Program, I would not have been able to land my current role. The program helped provide leadership, time management and executive skills that not only enabled me to land my current role, but have also allowed me to thrive as a high performer. Additionally, during the recruitment process, the hiring manager mentioned that a strong consideration in my candidacy (compared to other applicants) was the fact that I had completed the Foster MBA Program.

What advice do you have for part-time MBA students interested in making a career transition? The number one recommendation I have for all students in the part-time MBA program (and specifically for those looking to make a career transition) is to participate in the UW Business Plan Competition. This is a great opportunity to develop an idea/plan that potentially could allow for the student to explore another discipline of business outside of their current career role.

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