Evening MBA transformers: Sarah Eytinge

Sarah Eytinge Once: Fundraiser
Now: Associate Director, University of Washington

Tell us about your previous career:
I was drawn to fundraising because loved helping people find ways to support causes that are near and dear to them. And I loved working as a fundraiser in education specifically because it is the gift that keeps on giving. When I decided to pursue my MBA, my plan was to remain in the fundraising world and perhaps transition into a consulting role to help non-profits.

What are you currently doing in your role?
I am currently the assistant director of Admissions at the Foster School of Business. This is part marketing–how do we best showcase our product, how do we find our students–and part recruiting–working with prospective students to identify if and how Foster can provide them with the tools they need to grow professionally.

How did the Evening MBA Program help you transition to your new role?
In addition to meeting members of the fabulous A-Team and learning more about their roles, I found that the Evening MBA Program brought in students from different backgrounds and professions. Having only worked in educational fundraising, I was naïve to the types of jobs out there. As I met my classmates during my first year, I kept thinking, “Wow, that is a really interesting job.” Or “I wonder if I could be successful at something like that.” Classmates were more than willing to share their experiences with me and offer advice about potential careers. That information was indispensable. As I continued through the MBA program, I recognized my true passion was connecting people so I started to explore opportunities where I could do just that. HR was a natural fit–but upon talking to some classmates in that field and with MBA Career Management counselors, I narrowed in on recruiting. When the opportunity opened in Foster’s Admissions team, I knew it was the perfect role. It combines my love of education with my interest in connecting people. I also get to utilize the marketing skills that I gained in the program.

What advice do you have for part-time MBA students interested in making a career transition?
Talk to your classmates. One of the best things about a part-time program is your classmates are working professionals. They bring a wealth of knowledge and countless connections. Everyone was more than willing to help me find opportunities and figure out what would be best for me. Every classmate seemed to be benefiting from connections made in the classroom in some capacity. What they say about the network in business schools is true—it’s priceless!

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