Expanding your skills…

Chris Rosenquest, TMMBA Student (Class of 2011)

So the TMMBA is not all about attending classes and doing schoolwork. For me it’s a construct in which I can develop all of my business skills and not just increase my business knowledge.

Expanding myself as a business leader is the primary context for me and the reason why I applied and accepted. And as I go through each semester there have been opportunities outside of class to expand.

I was recently invited to do a short presentation to potential TMMBA students at an informational meeting. Getting in front of people and talking is very easy for me when I know the subject and have prepared well. In this case it was in short notice and I had a select list of topics from which to choose. This was an opportunity to expand and stretch myself. I did well and also noticed areas of development in public speaking.

My team, The Fantastic Five, was chosen to be presented in the TMMBA newsletter and the TMMBA website (https://foster.uw.edu/academic/tmmba/Pages/StudyGroups.aspx). Again, this was an opportunity to reflect on the team work as well as provide some insider information on the TMMBA process.

Both of these examples allowed me to step outside of the classroom and homework to expand, and that’s what school has been about.

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