Experience, Explore, Entertain

By Pritam Das, TMMBA Student, Class of 2014


That’s the Tagline of Novelty Hill Januik Winery.

We surely did experience the bottled poetry called wine from one of the world’s ten “Masters of Merlot”,
We surely did get entertained by the award winning building design of the Novelty hill that rhythms with the geometry of linear rows of grapes in vineyard, and
We surely did explore the perfect food with local, sustainable ingredients, including organic fruits and vegetables.

But that’s not all. The two hour holiday social organized by the TMMBA staff on 18th of Dec, 2012 at the Novelty Hill Januik Winery exposed us to a ton of opportunities these networking events hold.

Within a frame of two hours, I was able to explore what it takes as an entrepreneur to launch a radio station in Seattle, debate over a supply chain issue of recycled raw materials for a manufacturing company, discuss the possibility of a future HBR case study exploring the famous delay in the delivery of the 787 airplanes, find out how a doors and windows manufacturing company have a lot in common in launching a new product when compared to that of a multinational software company…. The list is endless.

I used to think that who would match the variety of our class 13 that has 72 students from 13 different countries with an average 12 year of work experience from 44 different companies. But after meeting TMMBA seniors and alumni at the social, I was just mind blown with the brain power, diversity, and breadth the UW’s TMMBA program has to offer us.

Last but not the least; it was great getting advice from seniors and alumni who have gone through the same intense MBA program (probably the most rigorous in the state of WA) in the past.

Ending with a famous quote from Robert Kiyosaki –

“If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.”

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