Exploring Jiufen

By Chanrithy Kouch, Foster Undergraduate studying Finance and CISB. Chanrithy is participating in an exchange with NCCU in Taipei, Taiwan.

It’s about the third week as I’ve settled in with the region after getting familiar with the locals, and handling all the classes. I decided to take a one-day break during the weekend to see the northern views of Taiwan. Through a couple of transfers from the Taiwan Metro onto local train, I managed to arrive at a place I’ve never seen before, a landscape of what I thought I could imagine and visualize only from the movies. The place is called Jiufen, a spot where all tourists in Taiwan who come must make a visit; a breathtaking view one cannot miss.

Jiufen is an old village that lies hidden in the northern region of Taiwan. It is famous for its neck-breaking scenery; a landscape one can view from atop of the summit. Many tourists come from around the world, and a major of them comes from Asian countries like Korea, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia just to see the view the place offers. I was guided by my buddy, and was showed to the summit view. It was a view of Taiwan’s outward looking perspective towards the sea. It was a scene where I could feel myself on a top of an island and surrounded by beautiful waters with sounding waves. It was just so peaceful.

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