Exploring Manchester

By Sidney Burton, Foster Undergraduate who is participating in an exchange with the University of Manchester Business School in Manchester, UK

Manchester is an incredible city. It is the one of the liveliest and most diverse places I have ever been. It is split into different areas, including Chinatown, Gay Village, Northern Quarter, Curry Mile, and where I lived, Fallowfield. My favourite of these was Northern Quarter, which is the nicer area of town that is a little trendier. My friends and I would visit often for brunch and thrift shopping, both of which they had a ton of amazing options. If you’re in the area, I recommend Fig + Sparrow for coffee and beans and toast, or Home Sweet Home for milkshakes. Of course Manchester is also known for their sports, and while I’m not a soccer fan myself I did go to one Manchester United game. My time in Manchester was mostly spent eating the full English brekkie, shopping at the main shopping center Arndale, and going out with my new mates.

The other good thing about Manchester is that it’s pretty centrally located in the UK. It is very easy to take the train or bus to many cities. I was able to visit London, Bath, the Stonehenge, York, Liverpool, Newcastle, Oxford, and Edinburgh, as well as to the Lake District and Peak District, which have some beautiful hikes. Obviously London was an incredible place to visit, but I also loved visiting smaller towns like York. While England is on an island on the very West side of Europe, it has a lot to offer in itself. You would never be short of places to see and things to do. In fact, I ran out of time to visit cities that I really wanted to, including Bristol and Birmingham.