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Susie Buysse, Associate Director

TMMBA Career Management Consulting hosted a summer event where three talented alumni shared insights on the fields of business development, consulting and product management.  Information spanned the elements of each discipline, required skills/traits, compensation, typical day, career path, and risks/rewards.  The evening was a compelling and valuable 2.5 hour informational interview!    

I liked this description of product management (and resources):

Product management is the process of researching, designing, building, marketing and maintaining a good or service. Technology companies use a product management process to ensure that they are not just manufacturing a technology, but creating a product that people will want to buy and continue to use. To be sure, a “cool” technology may be at the heart of the product, but product management ensures that the customer’s voice is not lost in the rush to bring an exciting technology to market. Product management adds things like market intelligence, market and product requirements use cases, roadmaps, pricing, financial analysis, competitive differentiation, market launch, and sales support to the technology to create a complete product offer. 

~Philip Windley, Ph.D. — CIO, State of Utah

Pragmatic Marketing: http://www.pragmaticmarketing.com/

280 Group: http://www.280group.com/

Product Management Consortium (local): http://www.pmcnw.org/index.php

AIPPM: http://www.aipmm.com/

PDMA: http://www.pdma.org/

For more information on how the program assists with career discovery, please contact Susie Buysse at [email protected].  Enjoy the final days of summer!

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