Exploring the Netherlands

Guest post by Sabrina de Bont. Sabrina spent Spring Quarter 2017 studying at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) in the Netherlands.

Although traveling through Europe is a grand adventure in itself, I found out that a lot of my best memories were formed here in The Netherlands. Many think that The Netherlands is so small that every place looks the same. What those people don’t know is that most of the provinces are quite unique. I had the chance to go up to the island of Texel which was truly beautiful. With huge beaches, quaint towns, and empty roads, you truly feel like you are alone. While biking I took in the fresh air and the quiet.

Delft and Den Haag are also really fun, easy to get to places. You only have to hop on the metro and you are there within a half hour. Delft is a cute town and easy to navigate, I bought the RotterdamPas which enables students who live in Rotterdam to go to many museums and attractions for free. I was able to get into many museums and churches for free. In Den Haag you can easily head to the beach and walk on the boardwalk.

On your next trip to Europe definitely go to the Netherlands!


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