Failing to plan is planning to fail

Lucas Perin, TMMBA Student

Given my current title of “Business Planning Manager”, you would probably think that I like to plan things. And, in the TMMBA, you need to plan. This quarter is curiously the opposite of our last quarter: we have a lot of deliverables in the beginning, followed by a long hiatus of deliverables.
Knowing that may make the difference between cruising or being very stressed.

There’s so much to learn and the subjects are so interesting that there’s the real danger of being overwhelmed. It’s like having a lot of top models fighting for your attention. Really stressful. Trust me, I know! Therefore, you need to plan and prioritize in order to get the best out of some quarters. The second quarter is one of them. Tips?

  • Assign a planner to your team.
  • Use Agilix Backpack to help you download updates from Blackboard.
  • Synchronize the TMMBA calendar with Outlook.

And, most importantly, keep going to the Keg after every class!

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