Fall Core Team – We don't get to pick our teams?!

Those of you who have already done your bschool research will most likely discover that team work is a big part of any MBA program. And like many of you, when I first realized just how big a part teams were, I groaned.

Having done my research and interviews with current and past business school students, I have heard ALL the stories that need to be told. From the slackers who take advantage of the team to the Type A Personalities that micro manages everyone. The overall advice I was given, just take it like a man (or woman)!

Upon arriving on campus and getting my team assignment, I was extremely nervous. I knew the team would be diverse, not only in terms of background, work experience, and culturally, but also in personality. I was immediately surprised at just how different five people could be from each other. I knew the semester would not be easy, but it is all a learning experience.

We went through every single phase possible for a new team, from forming to the performing phase. We had our moments of great success and we had our moments of extreme stress. We were all very aware of the typical conflicts that could occur and did our best to look at the entire experience positively. We tried our best to take into account each personal goals and priorities and worked around each other’s schedule. We had our tense meetings and we had team meetings where we confided in each other about our concerns and troubles. But through it all, we kept our focus on our goal, of getting through the quarter without killing each other!

Having been through the majority of the quarter with my team, I have to say we did really well. My prior reservations and predictions did not come true and I am truly impressed with how well my team has gotten along with each other. We may not be best friends for life, but I know we definitely learned a lot from each other and have a connection with each other that cannot be broken just because we are in different teams next quarter. Interestingly enough, at the beginning I could not WAIT to get a new team, but as this quarter comes to a close, I will miss each and every single one of my team member. They are all truly exceptional colleagues and I am glad I got the opportunity to work with such amazing individuals.

~Guest Blogger Jessica Ma, Full-Time Class of 2013