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EY stakeholders

EY partners, key alumni, Foster school leadership, faculty and staff celebrating EY’s naming gift for the EY Center for Undergraduate Career Advancement.

EY Center has quickly become an essential new resource for students entering the job market

Consider the EY Center for Undergraduate Career Advancement’s impact on students, by the numbers.

Last academic year, the center presented a job fair featuring 125+ hiring companies, held 1,400 advising appointments, coordinated 330 interview sessions with employers, and facilitated more than 1,700 job interviews for students. At press date, the EY Center helped over 430 graduating seniors land a job with companies that include Accenture, Chevron and Wells Fargo.

Remarkable figures, considering the center was launched only a year ago.

The EY Center has also introduced Industry Focus Nights, which give students the opportunity to learn more about careers in industries such as finance, consulting and IT, and launched the Career Exploration Program for newly admitted Foster students. The center also is connecting students to career opportunities outside of Seattle. In August, students traveled to San Francisco to meet with six Bay Area firms and participate in a networking event with employers and Foster alumni.

According to Andy Rabitoy, director of the EY Center, goals for the upcoming year include connecting with more alumni, focusing on career opportunities for women and minorities, and increasing interview preparations—especially for case interviews which ask students to solve a business problem during an interview. Additionally, the center will be offering a marketing symposium, holding Excel modeling workshops and partnering with the Foster Consulting and Business Development Center to offer a course on consulting. Many jobs today require advanced analytical skills, and the center is focused on helping students acquire skills that allow them to hit to the ground running in their first job.

Rabitoy is enthusiastic about what the center has accomplished in its first year, and promises much more to come. “I can’t imagine not doing this,” he says. “We’re working with students at a defining moment in their life. I feel excited and proud when I see students get the job they want.”

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