The Foster Fit

How do you know which MBA program is the right fit for you?

“Fit” is a complex idea that incorporates elements like culture, location, size, business relationships, student community, and much more.

This page will give you a brief overview of the Foster Fit, as described by our own students.

“The Pacific Northwest is a hotbed of social entrepreneurs, environmentalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and do-gooders. New Foster students looking to use their MBAs for social or environmental good will find an abundance of resources at their fingertips.”

Phoebe Lipkis, MBA class of 2016

“I would not have been able to attain as high a level of productivity on my own. I was surrounded with such a great team. I can wholeheartedly endorse the core teams as one of the best parts of my MBA experience so far.”

Dave Stecher, MBA class of 2015

“Leadership has always been an area I’ve pursued. In fact, one of the really appealing aspects of Foster was the variety of available leadership opportunities, even as a first year. As students, we have the power to shape our Foster experience and extract the value from it that we want and expect.”

Stuart Childress, MBA class of 2016

“Foster has given me access to a tremendous network of alumni and students who have gone out of their way to assist me in my career pursuits. I have spent countless hours with members of the Foster network perfecting my resume, cover letter, and receiving advice on the traits that will make me most successful.”

Marcus Dover, MBA class of 2016

“Through its mentor program, alumni network, and recruiting events, Foster maintains an ongoing relationship with thousands of business professionals in the Seattle area alone. It is clear that Seattle’s business leaders want Foster students to succeed, and this notion of support has been evidenced in every professional interaction I’ve had since starting at Foster.”

Molly English, MBA class of 2017

“It’s remarkable how easy it is to form personal relationships with our professors. The entire class fits into two sections, which allows our professors to get to know us very quickly. They’re also incredibly accessible outside of the classroom, whether they’re guiding our learning during office hours or joining the fun at school (or student-run) events.”

Jeremy Diamond, MBA class of 2017

The Northwest Way

The spirit of the Northwest region permeates the Foster MBA Program—it’s a diverse mix of entrepreneurial thinkers, innovative problem-solvers, egalitarian team players and motivated professionals who thrive in a flexible environment.

Team Driven Difference

From the start of orientation, when you meet your first study team, to the proving grounds of second-year team competitions, you will learn from your colleagues’ experiences, support one another’s accomplishments and develop professional relationships that last long after graduation.

Small Class, Big Impact

Our program is small by design so that each student has an opportunity for impact. Students get more time with faculty and get to know their peers better in a series of small group interactions. They also have the opportunity to create custom programs, tailoring their education to their needs.

“Students helping students—that’s definitely a very Foster thing”

“I was looking around at West Coast schools, and Foster eventually came to be my top choice,” says Jessica Green (MBA class of 2015), “mostly because it was a smaller community, a better environment for me.”

“What ultimately made my decision,” she continues, “was when I visited and met students, faculty and some of the staff at Foster.” Watch the video or read more about Jessica to learn more about why Foster was a good fit for her.

From Amazon to Zulily

Business education is at its best when students get hands-on experience with real businesses. Whether it’s an internship or a mentorship, consider the local companies you’ll connect with as an MBA student when deciding whether a school is a good fit. Seattle’s start-up culture, and our deep relationships with our region’s iconic companies offer our students many opportunities to make a positive impact, benefiting students and businesses alike.

Foster students at Amazon

Guest speaker from Boeing

Foster student intern at microsoft

Foster students at Nike

Foster students at Starbucks

Foster students at Zulily

“I wanted to be in a place that could offer a lot of different options”

For Pedro Del Castillo (MBA class of 2015) the most important driver of his decision to come to Foster was “the very friendly and deep network that the Foster school of business has throughout the Seattle community, where you could just reach out to anybody, and they will happily talk to you.”

“Because you’re a student they’re very open, and because you’re a student at Foster you’re immediately part of that community,” he says. Watch the video or read more about Pedro to learn more about why Foster was a good fit for him.

Does the Foster School of Business sound like the right fit for you?

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