Five down, one to go.

Scott Hannah, TMMBA Student (Class of 2010)

With a click of the mouse, and just like that, one more quarter is done.  Five down, one to go.  As quarters go, this one was pretty unique.  All previous quarters have had a mixed bag of classes with varying topics.  This quarter we began to see the courses lining up and discussing similar topics – in some cases requiring the same readings.  Marketing and Entrepreneurship began to dovetail to the point that sometimes it was difficult to remember which class discussed a particular topic.  We soon found ourselves drawing on the tools we were given in previous quarters in order to complete our various projects.  Like many other groups this term we chose to use the same product for both the Marketing and Entrepreneurship final projects.  Although different in content, the subject material, resources, and financial calculations were the same for both, and provided for a richer product in the end.  We would have hit the Trifecta if Warren had only asked us to investigate the wireless charging market for our group project!  This quarter was definitely a warm-up for the big game, our final and largest group project, the capstone.  With excitement, our team is already planning the beginning stages of this project.  It should prove to be not only challenging, but very rewarding in both experience and knowledge.  Now, to get some much needed rest.  Those midnight project submission times can sure wear a guy down.

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