Flexibility and Diversity: What Makes Foster Great. Q & A with Zachary Solomon, MBA 2020


Austin, TX

Pre MBA Profession: 

Principal Consultant, Solomon Information Services, Research and Analysis Consulting

Why Foster?

From the outset, I knew I was looking for a top-tier program that offered flexibility, customizability, a rich local network, and high academic rigor. After meeting with a Foster admissions counselor, it became clear that it also offered a high-quality, immersive educational experience in an evening-tailored package – something that other evening programs seemed to be lacking. For these reasons, Foster’s Evening MBA program stood out among other evening programs and, given my desire to stay in Seattle, it became my top program choice.

Student Experience

What has been your favorite part of the Foster MBA experience so far?

It’s impossible to choose just one! The program is rich with opportunities for personal and professional development, and the administrative staff and academic faculty are accessible and dedicated to students’ success. All that aside, my favorite part of the program is the other students. The background of the student body is incredibly diverse, and having the opportunity to interact with and learn from such a talented group is one of the most valuable and enjoyable parts of Foster. I came into the program convinced that the most valuable part of the program would be what I learned from the faculty, but I am quickly realizing that equally valuable will be what I learn from my peers.

How has the Evening MBA Program contributed to your career trajectory?

Although I’ve enjoyed having my own business for some time, I am considering leaving the consulting world altogether, or, at the very least, working for someone else’s firm. The Evening MBA program has, through its career services department, given me a structured approach to making this change if I decide that’s something I ultimately want to do. Either way, the Evening MBA program is helping me round out my business skill set, develop new skills, and expand my local network, all of which will be helpful regardless of the career path I choose.

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