Foster and Boeing celebrate 100 years of collaboration

Since July 15, 1916, the Boeing Company has been a leader in the aerospace industry. It is the largest aerospace company in the world and the Foster School took the opportunity on October 18 to say, happy 100th birthday to Boeing! We also want to acknowledge key partnerships between the Boeing and the Foster School:

  • Scholarship support: Boeing has provided scholarships for hundreds of Foster School students, allowing them to spend their time at Foster focused on learning instead of feeling stressed about how they will afford next quarter’s tuition.
  • Opportunities of a lifetime: Boeing’s support has allowed Foster students to participate in consulting projects, internships, and mentorships. One notable program is Alliances for Learning and Vision for Underrepresented Americans (ALVA). The ALVA business program provides rising sophomores from traditionally under-represented backgrounds with paid professional internship experience generally reserved for college juniors. Interns are placed within a business function at Boeing Commercial Airplanes and assigned a manager and mentor for the duration of the program.
  • The longest running executive education program in America is the Aerospace Industry Manufacturing Seminar (AIMS)—a two-week leadership development program for Boeing employees. The program was created in 1963 by Boeing and the Foster School’s Executive Education program. Over 3,000 Boeing employees have participated in the program.

For most of humanity, people could only dream of flying. In the last 100 years, Boeing has made this dream a reality around the world. The company did so many things first, and they continue to do so many things best.

We are not Foster or the UW or even Seattle without the great people of Boeing. We’re looking forward to the next hundred years of partnership and success. Here’s to Boeing!

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