Foster Centennial Pop Quiz

We spent the past year celebrating 100 years of people, programs and accomplishments of the University of Washington Foster School of Business. How well do you know the Foster School? Test yourself on these questions that span the 100-year history of business education at the University of Washington.

UW Campus postcard, circa 1924.

In what year did the UW School/College of Business Administration begin offering an MBA degree?


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1917. From its first day of operation, the Foster School of Business offered both BBA and MBA degrees.

Who was the School’s first Nobel Prize winner?

Carleton Parker
William Sharpe
George Stigler
Gerhardt Mueller

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George Stigler. William Sharpe received the 1990 Nobel Prize in Economics for his work developing the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) while on the UW School of Business Administration faculty in the 1960s. But he was preceded by the economist and Foster alumnus George Stigler (BA 1931), a leading figure in the “Chicago School” of economics, who received his field’s preeminent award in 1982 for his fundamental contributions to the economics of information and regulation.

Which member of the legendary “Boys in the Boat” was a Foster Grad?

Don Hume (stroke seat)
George “Shorty” Hunt (6 seat)
Joe Rantz (7 seat)
Bobby Moch (coxswain)

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Bobby Moch. After leading the Husky Clipper to improbable victory in front of Adolph Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olympiad, Moch went on to coach crew at the UW and MIT, partner in a Seattle law firm and serve as president of the UW Alumni Association.

Which prominent Seattle-based musician is a Foster School graduate? 

Kenny G
Quincy Jones
Ann Wilson

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Kenny G. Kenneth Gorelick (BA 1978) earned his degree in accounting before becoming one of the biggest-selling artists of all time, with global sales of his smooth jazz and sultry saxophone totaling more than 75 million records.

In what year did the School establish its first international student exchange program?


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1920. Twelve Chinese students were enrolled in the College of Business Administration’s first international exchange. Several were Boxer Indemnity Scholars, their tuition and travel financed by the Chinese government as part of its war reparations to the United States for damage done during the Boxer Rebellion.

Which Seattle Mariners legend holds a certificate from the Foster School?

Edgar Martinez
Alvin Davis
Jay Buhner
Dave Niehaus

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Edgar Martinez. After retiring as one of baseball’s all-time greatest hitters, the future MLB Hall-of-Famer enrolled in the Executive Development Program to hone the skills required to manage his family apparel branding business.

Michael G. Foster is a graduate of the University of Washington.


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False. The school’s namesake attended the UW but left early to begin his career in finance, eventually joining the local brokerage firm of Foster & Marshall that was co-founded by his father, Albert O. Foster (BA 1928), who was a Foster grad. In 1984, Albert, Evelyn and Michael founded The Foster Foundation, which has given $50 million to the school.

How many winners of the PACCAR Award for Excellence in Teaching are still educating students at the Foster School?

All of them

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12. The School’s highest teaching award has honored 16 faculty members since it was established by PACCAR Inc in 1998. Recipients include Karma Hadjimichalakis (1998), Steve Sefcik (1999), Elizabeth Stearns (2000), Jennifer Koski (2001, 2008, 2015), Ali Tarhouni (2002), Rocky Higgins (2003), Jane Kennedy (2004), Dan Turner (2005), Mark Forehand (2006), Mark Hillier (2007, 2013), Shelly Jain (2009), Thomas Gilbert (2010, 2017), Lance Young (2011), Erich Studer-Ellis (2012), Frank Hodge (2014), and Kathy Dewenter (2016). Of this best-of-the-best roster, the only ones no longer teaching at the Foster School are Karma Hadjimichalakis (passed away in 2011), Ali Tarhouni (left to lead a revolution in Libya), Rocky Higgins (emeritus professor) and Jane Kennedy (now a Distinguished Professor of Accounting at the University of San Diego).

Which chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, the financial information honorary society, is the Foster School’s?


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Delta. Beta Alpha Psi was established at the College of Business Administration in 1921, the organization’s fourth (or delta) chapter.

The School’s Aerospace Industry Management Seminar (AIMS), a joint venture with The Boeing Company, was established in what year?


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1962. The intensive residential program is still educating Boeing managers today, making it the longest-running corporate custom program in the nation.

The UW School of Business Administration began, somewhat humbly, with 12 students and 7 faculty members in 1917. What was enrollment in 1920?


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1350. With the First World War ending, enrollment at the school spiked, ranking it among the four largest schools of commerce in the United States. Through the 1920s, nearly one-in-four undergraduates at the UW majored in business; one-third of them were women.

When did the School first offer courses in entrepreneurship? 


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1970. Professor Karl Vesper, dubbed the “dean of entrepreneurial studies,” developed the school’s first classes in entrepreneurship before most even knew what the word meant.

Mackenzie Hall is home to a work by which famous Northwest artist?

Dale Chihuly
Jacob Lawrence
George Tsutakawa
Morris Graves

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George Tsutakawa. The internationally renowned sculptor’s “Fountain of Reflection,” commissioned for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, was installed in the Mackenzie Hall courtyard in 1987.

The College of Business Administration was first accredited by the American Association of College Schools of Business (AACSB) in what year?


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1921. At the time, UW became one of only 20 American business schools to be accredited by the influential AACSB. Today the number is 789 business schools in 53 countries.

Who was the keynote speaker of the first annual Business Leadership Celebration?

Howard Schultz
John Eyler
Andy Grove
Alan Greenspan

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Alan Greenspan. Headlining the inaugural BLC, held in 1992 on the occasion of the school’s 75th anniversary, was Greenspan, the powerful chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. Over the years, the school’s marquee event has featured many of the preeminent names in American corporate leadership including Schultz of Starbucks (1998), Eyler of FAO Schwartz (1995), Grove of Intel (1997), Jeffry Immelt of GE (2003), Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase (2011) and Robert Iger of Disney (2014).

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