Supportive Community: Q & A with Lacey Wulfe, MBA 2020


San Antonio, TX

Pre MBA Profession: 

Contracts Manager at Alamo Aircraft

Why Foster?

I started looking at Foster because of location and reputation, but I choose Foster because of what I saw and experienced during my visit. The welcoming atmosphere and positive learning vibe you get from walking into a classroom at Foster was nothing like I had ever experienced before. On a class visit, I saw a classroom full of eager students who genuinely loved being there and were involved in the process.

Student Experience

What has been your favorite part of the Foster MBA experience so far?

My team. At Foster, you are assigned a team to work on cases with throughout the classes, but through that process, they become more than that. They become the people whom you go through this with, whom you study with, the people whom you can complain to when things get hard and then help you through it all.  Almost like a second family! My team has been an invaluable part in my experience here at Foster.

Are you where you thought you would be when you started the Evening MBA?

I am not where I thought I’d be, I’m further! When I started at Foster I was very nervous about not having the traditional business background and thought I would be struggling just to keep up with no time for anything else. Although it’s been hard, I have kept up and have had a blast along the way. Not only have I gotten through my course work, but I have been meeting more people than I ever thought and making great contacts I know I will be useful in the future.

What advice do you have for those considering a work-compatible MBA program?

I know its scary. The BIG question looming in everyone’s head is: will there be enough time? And the answer is yes, mostly. It’s all about prioritizing and getting creative. Everyone in the program is in that same boat, and both your fellow students as well as the professors understand and are very supportive of that. Whether it is Skype-ing in from across the world, or listening to class recordings after the fact, no matter what needs to be done, Foster is willing to work with you.

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