Foster faculty make significant editorial impact on top research journals

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What does a “thought leader” look like?

The Foster School of Business boasts a disproportionate number of them on faculty. Beyond a sterling record of publishing in the most influential academic journals in every business discipline, a large percentage of Foster faculty also serve those top journals as editors, associate editors or editorial review board members.

Of the 83 current research faculty members at Foster, 37—or 45 percent—are involved in the review process at one or more leading academic journals.

This means they are actively arbitrating what gets published and, therefore, shaping the agenda of research and management theory that eventually informs the way that business is done around the world.

In total, Foster faculty currently serve in 63 editorial roles at 24 different journals. Here are a few:

  • Dave Burgstahler, editor of The Accounting Review
  • Sarah McVay, editor of Contemporary Accounting Research
  • Jarrad Harford, associate editor of the Journal of Financial Economics and Review of Financial Studies
  • Paul Malatesta, managing editor of the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  • Philip Bond, associate editor of the Journal of Finance
  • Jonathan Karpoff, associate editor of the Journal of Financial Economics and Management Science
  • Xiao-Ping Chen, editor-in-chief of Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
  • Yong Tan, senior editor of Information Systems Research
  • Yong-Pin Zhou, associate editor of Management Science
  • Kamran Moinzadeh, associate editor of Operations Research
  • Mark Forehand, editor of the Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Rob Palmatier, area editor of the Journal of Marketing

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