Confidence from Consulting: Caritas

As a Freshman in the Foster School of Business program, I was aware of the many opportunities presented to me to grow in my practical and real life business skills, and took the time to research these options. When I came across the Foster Consulting Program through the Business Impact Group (BIG) at UW, I recognized the incredible opportunity I would have to get experience this early on in my college career working in a group setting with a real small local business. Before this experience, I had had some experience in other leadership roles such as being in leadership class, being a club president, or working in a candy store as a party host throughout high school, but not much directly related to business, specifically marketing and consulting, which is something I was interested in pursuing more as a possible career.

I can now confidently say that my experience this quarter has made me even more confident that I would like to pursue marketing and consulting roles in the future! Throughout this Winter quarter, I have learned so much in how to efficiently work with teams to get research done by deadlines, and have practiced being detail oriented in work to produce a successful final presentation for our client. These skills will take me far in my career, and have already made me more confident in my consulting skills. Coming into the program as a freshman, I was concerned that I would be lacking in skills, but my work ethic and the amazing mentors through this program have been of great help and I have felt confident in my ability to get work done for this project throughout the whole quarter.

The Foster Consulting Program overall has been the best experience for me in terms of improving my real world business skills and problem solving. I am so thankful for this program opportunity through Foster and through BIG, and look forward to keeping in contact with the program to hopefully do more projects similar to this one in the future!

– Anna Butler, Freshman 2024


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