Foster Freshman Consulting: Okay Bro

a screenshot of undergraduate students in a zoom meetingI first joined this program to get a feel of the consulting industry and determine whether it was a career path I was interested in for my future, and I believe that my experience with BIG has increased my passion for consulting. I enjoyed how the platform meant that my work had a tangible impact and result for the client, while simultaneously developing my professional skills.

Throughout the process, the real-life exposure to consulting meant that I was able to professionally advance through refining my skills in accountability, problem solving, decision making, and time management. And I liked how being exposed to an entirely new industry and topic meant that I was still learning throughout the research process. Additionally, it was fun to be able to work with a team of bright student consultants and advisors as they were always there to help and provide invaluable feedback. Overall, my experience with BIG this quarter was very rewarding as being able to work with my peers while giving back to a local business has translated into increased soft skills, leadership competencies and self-confidence which is sure to help me in the future.

– Maansa Jayaraman, ’24


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