Foster Freshman Consulting: Yum Yum Morale

a screenshot of undergraduate students in a zoom meetingEntering the University of Washington, I was overwhelmed by the numerous opportunities that appealed to some of the interests that I planned to seek, such as consulting. Upon talking with some friends that were apart of various consulting clubs on campus, I stumbled upon BIG Consulting and their role of Freshman Consultant. I eagerly jumped on this opportunity and ended up getting the acceptance email that marked the start of my consulting journey.

As I write this in the final stages of our project, I can say with the utmost confidence that my experience working the Foster Consulting Program has been nothing less than spectacular. I was initially worried about the size of the role that I would have as a Freshman Consultant but quickly dismissed this concern through the responsibilities delegated in the arly stages of the project.

While I cannot speak for all of the teams in Foster Consulting Program, I was blessed with a fantastic team complete with engaged advisors and a great client that was always a joy to meet with. As a result of being a part of a team like this, I was comfortable with asking questions to the other consultants and advisors which increased my confidence when interacting with the client.

On our project, I was in charge of a segment of research in addition to collaborating with another consultant on the formation of an effective and direct PowerPoint for our presentation. Through this project, I learned the importance of utilizing the resources that our given to me in addition to actively seeking feedback and criticism on all aspects of the project. Additionally, I have benefitted from the program as I have become more confident when presenting information to others and recognizing the importance of working as a team to reach a common goal.

This project has really reinforced the potential of pursuing consulting as a career and cannot wait to be a part of future projects!

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