Foster’s Husky 100 students

Six Foster School students were recognized as part of the Husky 100, which recognizes 100 UW undergraduate and graduate students from Bothell, Seattle, and Tacoma in all areas of study who are making the most of their time at the UW. To be selected, students were evaluated on the following:

  • Discovery mindset: The Husky 100 embrace innovation and novel ways of thinking.
  • Commitment to inclusive community: The Husky 100 seek understanding of and engagement with diverse communities, and knowledge of different cultures in a complex world.
  • Capacity for Leadership: The Husky 100 lead from wherever they are.
  • Ready for What Is Next: The Husky 100 are ready for life’s next steps–no matter what those might be.
  • Connect the Dots: The Husky 100 see connections–not boundaries–between what they learn in the classroom and what they discover beyond it.

Learn more about the Foster students below.

Kainen BellKainen Bell, BA Business Administration (Information Systems) / BA Social Welfare / Diversity minor 2016
Tacoma, WA

“My mission has been to leave a positive footprint at the University of Washington while being a positive role model for my community and people of color, and breaking down negative stereotypes.”

Favorite Foster Class: Introduction to Information Systems (IS 300)
It showed me that the world is dependent on technology and also allowed me to see how technology could be used to help communities. I took this course during my first quarter at Foster and it was also the first quarter I started my double degree in social work—I was able to see how technology could be used to improve this field. Thanks to this class I have pursued IS as a major.

The highlight of my Foster experience has been my participation in the Undergraduate Diversity Services program (UDS). The staff in the department have provided life changing opportunities such as an internship at Boeing during my freshman year. They even supported me in applying to the Foster School and introduced me to advisors who encouraged me to follow my dream and pursue a double degree in social work and business.

They also provided me the opportunity to give back to the community and become a mentor for high school students of color interested in pursuing business in the Young Executives of Color Program. The UDS program has provided me family-like support, and without their services, my experience would not have been the same.

Eric ChenEric Chen, BA Business Administration (Finance and Information Systems) 2017
Santa Clara, CA

“I am a third-year business major who aspires to make a positive impact on others.”

Favorite Foster Class: Multicultural Marketing & Business Development (MKTG/MGMT 445)
What made the class so unique was the intensive consulting project—there was an impact beyond the project and its deliverables. I got to learn more about the UW’s Consulting and Business Development Center and what they do for the Washington community, learn from Accenture’s Elizabeth Tinkham, and work alongside an amazing team with extremely supportive mentors. The theoretical consulting frameworks, the presentation/delivery skills, and the opportunity to help a real client out made this course an unforgettable experience.

Highlights of my Foster experience have included working alongside Dr. Christina Fong in the implementation of the brand new course, “Learning Leadership in Theory and Practice” with the University of Washington’s Husky Leadership Initiative. This course provides first-year students an opportunity to learn about the different impacts a leader has on their community as well as increasing their leadership awareness and identity. Working with Christina and the rest of the team has been a treat and being apart of a community that values leadership development has been a rewarding experience!

The other highlight of my Foster experience was participating in the Foster Rome Program in 2015 with help from the Global Business Center‘s Theresa Maloney. This was my first time in Europe and experiencing that with a group of Foster students was a definite highlight.

John DahlJohn Dahl, BA Business Administration (Accounting and Information Systems) 2017
Bellingham, WA

“The UW has provided the tools for me to become the Husky I am today. From being an orientation leader, to being a tour guide, I’ve not only grown as a leader, but have developed a deep sense of appreciation for our community.”

Favorite Foster Class: It’s really hard to pick just one class. A few of my favorites include leadership and organizational behavior (MGMT 300) with Lian Shao, marketing concepts (MKTG 301) with Abhishek Borah, and strategic communication (BCMU 301) with Michael Dimeo. I appreciate that the Foster School of Business gives us exposure to so many different components of succeeding in business. If I have to choose just one, I’d say (BCMU 301). This class was very hands on and Michael Dimeo is a very passionate teacher.

What has been a highlight of your Foster experience so far?
Getting an internship from EY in risk advisory.

Vanessa KritzerVanessa Kritzer, MPA (Public Administration) / MBA 2017
Seattle, WA

“I came to the UW to gain the skills to become an innovative leader for social impact in my home state of Washington and to build a strong community.”

Favorite Foster Class: The MBA core finance class. Although it is also the hardest class I have taken at Foster, Professor Thomas Gilbert‘s use of the case method was fantastic. I learned so many skills that will help me be a better leader of organizations in the future.

My cohort is definitely the biggest highlight of my Foster experience. They are so dedicated to building a strong community at Foster and giving back to the community around us. Since the MBA program places a big focus on working in diverse teams, I have had the chance to see how much more we can accomplish by bringing together a group of passionate, talented people than if we just tried to do everything by ourselves. In the process, I have made some great friends.

Juan Carlos RodriguezJuan Carlos Rodriguez, BA Accounting 2018
Granada, Nicaragua

“My transition to becoming a successful college student wasn’t without obstacles. By successfully managing personal struggles, establishing an academic foundation and partaking in student organizations, I have developed a mentality and leadership skills that have granted me the ability to visualize and aspire to my goals, which is why I am one of the Husky 100.”

Favorite Foster Class: Leadership & Organizational Behavior (MGMT 300)

The highlight of my Foster experience has been attending the Michael G. Foster School of Business President’s Leadership Retreat. It’s great to learn about all the other outstanding Foster registered student organizations (RSOs), and it’s even better to meet all the amazing student leaders that make extraordinary things happen.

Kaitlin SchreiberKaitlin Schreiber, BA Business Administration (Marketing and Entrepreneurship) 2017
San Diego, CA

“I am an older sister, a dreamer, an entrepreneur, and a bit of a goofball, but I bring a ton of energy and excitement with me at all times.”

Favorite Foster Class: Creating a Company with Alan Leong. I worked with Parisa Emam and James Erving to create our company, Trio Chocolate. Our product was hot chocolate on a stick, or a solid chocolate attached to a popsicle stick that you stir into hot milk, which then melts and creates hot chocolate! At the end of the two quarters, we ended up turning a profit! I learned a ton!

My favorite experience within Foster was working as an orientation leader for First Year Programs. I got to lead orientation groups for both freshman direct and perspective students! It was awesome to get to know the foster advisors on a more personal level, and I enjoyed showing off all of the Foster programs to new students.

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