Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest 2020

The Global Business Center is very happy to announce the Winners and 2nd place recipients of its 14th Annual Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest. This year’s entries represent the transformative and unique global experiences that study abroad, and the Global Business Center offers for students each year. The captions reveal deeper insights on their accompanying pictures to help bring their stories to life.

Photos were submitted in the following categories:

  • Foster Spirit: Show off Foster/UW swag while abroad
  • My Global Lens: Views uniquely accessible to students living abroad
  • Study Abroad & Me: Students and/or friends made abroad
  • Alumni

Foster School Faculty and Staff served as judges for the above categories. The winning photos received the most votes within their particular category. The People’s Choice winning photo received the greatest number of votes by the general public.

Enjoy these amazing photos and learn more about all the ways undergraduate students can learn about business abroad by visiting the GBC Undergrad Study Abroad Options website.

To see all photo submissions, check out the GBC Facebook page.

Jack Fitton
ALBA Barcelona: Foster Partner Program // Fall Quarter 2019

Photo Location: Sahara Desert, Morocco
Title: Flew to Africa for the weekend
Caption: Camel-back riding in the Sahara Desert, Morocco – Have experiences you’ll likely never have again


Foster Spirit, 1st Place
Bridge Hu
Business Argentina: Business Core Abroad // Winter Quarter 2020

Photo Location: Valparaiso, Chile
Title: Colorful Squad
Caption: When you travel with friends, get matching sweaters.


Foster Spirit, 2nd Place
Baxter Hershman
NW Cadiz Program // Fall Quarter 2019

Photo Location: Tangier, Morocco
Title: Camel Riding in Morocco!
Caption: Rocking my UW sweatshirt during a trip down to Morocco while riding a camel!


My Global Lens, 1st Place
Maria Victoria Angulo
UW Exchange Program at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid // Spring Semester 2020

Photo Location: Cristal Palace, Madrid Spain
Title: Glass Ceiling
Caption: Walking through El Parque del Buen Retiro in Madrid you will find the Palacio de Cristal which used to be a used as a greenhouse.
Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad: Being able to look at education and the world through a different perspective and getting the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.


My Global Lens, 2nd Place
Olivia Perrone
Business Argentina: Business Core Abroad // Winter Quarter 2020

Photo Location: El Calafate, Argentina
Title: Near the most Southern Part of the Planet
Caption: Only 350 miles from the “end of the earth”, the Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate, Argentina is one of the largest glaciers in South America. While walking around you can see and hear the occasional crashing of ice falling into the water below.
Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad: There will most likely never be another time in life when I will get to travel somewhere internationally with a group of like-minded, similarly aged, adventure-driven people that go from strangers to best friends within weeks. I was reflecting on this and became even more grateful for the experience that going abroad gave me, especially because of the people it placed in my life.


Study Abroad & Me, 1st Place
David Shuer
ALBA Barcelona: Foster Partner Program // Fall Quarter 2019

Photo Location: Pic de l’Infern, Pyrenees
Title: Peaks of the Pyrenees
Caption: On a trip to the Pyrenees, I explored mountains along the Spanish-French border with a couple of local friends.
Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad: Cultural enrichment, new experiences, and local connections.


Study Abroad & Me, 2nd Place
Jack Fitton
ALBA Barcelona: Foster Partner Program // Fall Quarter 2019

Photo Location: Sahara Desert, Morocco
Title: Sunset in the Sahara
Caption: View of myself and other students in the program climbing up a sand dune in the Sahara Desert, Morocco.


 Alumni, 1st Place
Samantha Chang
Foster Exchange Program: National Chengchi University // Spring Semester 2020

Photo Location: Yinhe Cave
Photo Title: A Temple Built into the Rockface
Caption: Visiting the mountain deity of the Yinhe Cave Waterfall.


Alumni, 2nd Place
Lena Peterson
Business Argentina: Business Core Abroad // Winter Quarter 2020


Photo Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Photo Title: Bellini Balcony
Caption: This photo was taken off the balcony of of the building we were living in while in BA. We would walk through the square below every day when we left our apartments.
Greatest Benefit From Study Abroad: Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to create irreplaceable relationships with other students and introduced me to new passions that continue to shape my life.


People’s Choice, 1st Place
Chad Carlson
Business Argentina: Business Core Program // Winter Quarter 2020

Photo Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Photo Title: Business Administration: Equestrian Option
Caption: Riding a horse with a gaucho. This was our first excursion as a group to the estancia and we had the chance to ride horses!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s study abroad photo contest! Check out the GBC website to enter into next year’s Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest in 2021!

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