Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest 2022

The Global Business Center is very happy to announce the Winners and 2nd place recipients of its 15th Annual Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest. This year’s entries represent the transformative and unique global experiences that study abroad, and the Global Business Center offers for students each year. The captions reveal deeper insights on their accompanying pictures to help bring their stories to life. 

Photos were submitted in the following categories: 

  • Foster Spirit: Show off Foster/UW swag while abroad 
  • My Global Lens: Views uniquely accessible to students living abroad 
  • Study Abroad & Me: Students and/or friends made abroad 
  • Alumni 

Foster School Faculty and Staff served as judges for the above categories. The winning photos received the most votes within their particular category. The People’s Choice winning photo received the greatest number of votes by the general public. 

Enjoy these amazing photos and learn more about all the ways undergraduate students can learn about business abroad by visiting the GBC Undergrad Study Abroad Options website. 

 To see all photo submissions, check out the GBC Facebook page. 


Jana Merca 

Direct Exchange – Prague, Czech Republic // Winter/Spring 2022

Photo Location: Paris, France

Title: Running around Paris 

Caption: One of my closest friends at UW, Mary visited me to celebrate her birthday. We wanted a picture with the Eiffel Tower, so we set up my phone on a pole and took about 200 self timer pictures. 

Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad: As cheesy as it sounds, looking back the adversity helped me mature and grow so much. Being one of the first direct exchange students to go abroad post pandemic, we were certainly the ‘guinea pigs’ in the situation. My friend and I had to navigate so much uncertainty and learned how to balance risk and reward. From facing issues around housing, travel restrictions, and hours on the phone discussing visas, I also learned how to think on my feet and how to make creative solutions out of scraps. This experience instilled a new found confidence in myself and I am so grateful. 

Foster Spirit, 1st Place

Beatriz Cortez 

EFS – Business Ireland // Early Fall Start 2022 

Photo Location: Slea Head Drive

Title: Dubs visits us in Ireland

Caption: On our Slea Head Drive, the group stopped to look at the scenery and walk a small hill to see the water’s edge, on our way back we came across a woman with her Husky and took a group picture 😊 

Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad: The greatest benefit of studying abroad is that I got to connect and build friendships with a wonderful cohort and I grew my cultural awareness. 

Foster Spirit, 2nd Place

Ava Greer 

Business Italy // Winter 2022 

Photo Location: Rome, Italy

Title: Hello, Business Italy!

Caption: Students studying in Rome stop to take a photo in front of the Altare Della Patria, a monument in honor of the first king of Italy. 

Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad: Meeting other business students and experiencing a new culture together. 

My Global Lens, 1st Place

Madision Allen 

Business Italy // Winter 2022 

Photo Location: Milan, Italy

Title: Bird Eye View 

Caption: A gorgeous sunset atop Duomo di Milano! 

Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad: Gaining new and unforgettable experiences.

My Global Lens, 2nd Place

Cade Didrickson

Learn Spanish Study Abroad // Spring 2022 

Photo Location: Venice, Italy

Title: Italian I-5 

Caption: Gondolier on a gentle ride through the canals of Venice. 

Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad: I found the greatest benefit of studying abroad to be expanding my cultural awareness. There are so many experiences, cultures, and ways of live that we are insulated from growing up here in the United States. As a result, studying abroad gave me a whole new perspective of what the human experience truly is, and gave me an opportunity to explore my identity within that.  

Study Abroad & Me, 1st Place

Iman Janoo

EFS Business Australia // Early Fall Start 2022 

Photo Location: Brisbane, Australia

Title: Twins!  

Caption: Made a new Australia friend!🦘 

Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad Expanding my international network and pushing my self outside of my comfort zone and boundaries to try things like surfing, holding snakes, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, and more! I loved being in an entirely new space and learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable! 

Study Abroad & Me, 2nd Place

Minnie Thompson 

Foster Exchange to Kobe University // Spring 2022 

Photo Location: Tokyo, Japan 

Title: Shopping in Kimono 

Caption: Me and some friends went to Asakusa in Tokyo, rented some kimonos, and explored the giant red lanterns in the area (the place in the picture is the famous “Kaminarimon”) 

Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad: Meeting not just native speakers of Japanese but other students studying abroad from all around the world added to the global experience! 

Alumni, 1st Place 

Tali Goldin 

ALBA Barcelona // Winter 2022 

Photo Location: Sintra, Portugal

Title: The Red & Yellow Castle

Caption: Visiting the Sintra Castle in Portugal 

Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad: Integrating with a different language and culture for several months allowed me to zoom outside of my own perspective and appreciate the complexity each individual has in their own life, all around the world. 

People’s Choice, 1st Place

Lauren Jensen

ALBA Barcelona // Winter 2022 

Photo Location: Barcelona Cathedral

Title: Rooftop Bars + Barcelona Cathedral = Pure Bliss

Caption: Some of my classmates from the ALBA Study Abroad Program and I waiting for drinks while taking in this stunning view! This is definitely a must-see bar in Barcelona. 

Greatest Benefit of Study Abroad: Embracing a new culture and getting to make lifelong friends with some fellow Foster peers! 


Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s study abroad photo contest! Check out the GBC website to enter into next year’s Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest in 2023!