Foster the Product: the dos and don’ts of engaging with engineering

Engaging with engineering teams can be fraught for product managers—and the more technical the business the tricker the relationship can be.

There is perhaps no one better equipped to address this critical relationship than the director of product management at Facebook, Eman Barhoumeh.

Eman Barhoumeh

The April edition of the UW Foster School’s monthly “Foster the Product” series featured a panel of experts led by Barhoumeh.

An influential product leader, Barhoumeh is known for leading teams with a collaborative culture to innovate delightful customer experiences and drive business growth. Prior to Facebook, she was a VP of product at general manager and Lyft, a VP of product and general manager at Expedia Group, and a senior product manager at Microsoft.

In delivering 10 tips for product managers to better engage with their colleagues in engineering, Barhoumeh was joined by Suruchi Garg, senior director of technology at Expedia Group, and Jordan Naftolin, a software engineer at Facebook.

About the series

Foster the Product, presented by the new Product Management Center at the UW Foster School of Business, is an opportunity to connect with people and ideas that can advance a product career. Regular sessions take place the first Thursday of every month.

The next Foster the Product event takes place May 6 at 4:30 p.m. PST. Heather Ratcliffe, a senior director of product & technology at T-Mobile and founding member of Black Women in STEM 2.0, will speak on “Removing the Bias from the Product.” After the talk and Q&A, attendees will have an opportunity for networking and guided discussion.

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