Foster undergrads study in China

Great Wall of ChinaWhile UW Foster School faculty met with businesses and toured China last week, Foster undergraduate students are studying in China this fall, on one of many undergrad study or work abroad trips. Foster students’ first impressions and experiences in China?

Great Wall of China toboggan descent
“…the view was amazing and we really felt chills being able to say that we had climbed the Great Wall. However, what really made the experience great was the way down. …we chose to toboggan and it was probably the most exhilarating thing we did in Beijing.” – Alan

Lesson on local study habits
“Even though this is not my first time here, I am still very excited to be a student at Peking University, the best university in China. Many of my classmates are exchange students from all around the world, but surprisingly about 80% of them are from Europe. I was expecting more exchange students to be from the US, but there is only a handful.

“I also made friends with local Chinese students. During the break in the evening’s Operation Management class, I had a conversation with a local student who sat behind me. I asked him about the typical life of a typical Peking University student. Some of the students can study 14 hours straight per day! To deal with this study-mania, the school completely turns off the electricity in the dormitory at 11pm.” – Daniel

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