Foster Wins the C4C Competition!

At approximately 11:30 pm on April 13th2019, a crowd of 200+ Foster students, huddled together in front of a stage on the Stanford campus, erupted in joy. Foster School of Business was declared the 2019 C4C champions and people in purple celebrated with dance, high fives and hugs all around.

In May 2018, I wrote a blog post about our experience as the Foster School at C4C 2018. We narrowly missed out on being crowned champions last year, and I ended that post by saying “it will only be a matter of time before the Golden Briefcase is back at the halls of Paccar Hall”. I am proud and humbled to say that in less than a year we have made this a reality.

The men’s basketball team that clinched first place

Challenge for Charity, or C4C as it is popularly known at Foster, is a competition that takes place between 8 business schools on the West coast. It is a yearlong event which requires students of elite business schools to raise funds and volunteer for various charities in their home state, and the competition ultimately culminates in a sports competition between schools at the Stanford campus. The overall winner with the best average performance in fundraising, volunteering, and sports gets to take home the coveted Golden Briefcase, and of course, bragging rights for the year!

Foster is the only non-California business school that is part of this competition, and as a community, we are passionate and committed to not only make an impact but to also uphold the Foster name everywhere we go. C4C is big at Foster. Very big. It is one of those movements that unite us as a school and is part of our culture and legacy. Full-time and Evening MBAs come together to volunteer and fundraise throughout the year and the sports weekend is all about participating and winning in a variety of sports. It is sort of like the Olympics for business schools, but only every person out there has positively contributed to society by volunteering thousands of hours and fundraising more than half a million dollars. This year, Foster students raised over $165,000 and volunteered more than 4400 hours for various nonprofit organizations in the state of Washington.

The Table Tennis team that swept aside the competition to clinch first place!

Meg Peavey, who is taking over as the president of Foster C4C, says “Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time, raised money, and put forth their best athletic effort to bring the briefcase back to PACCAR. Foster definitely brought their A-game this year! Our men’s basketball team went on to defeat UCLA in the final for gold after a nail-biting semi-final game against Stanford. Our table tennis squad completely dominated for first place, and we came away with gold in the new cornhole event. We also got silver in men’s softball, coed football, women’s volleyball, trivia, dodgeball, coed softball, and men’s soccer.”

Members of the C4C board that worked hard year-round to ensure we were on course for overall victory

Bringing home the Golden Briefcase is no small feat, and everyone at Foster is proud and elated. However, with C4C, the job is never done. Now that we have the Golden Briefcase again, everyone at Foster is committed to retaining it. Meg and the rest of the C4C board are wasting no time and have already started working on a plan of action which will ensure that the Golden Briefcase is on the plane ride back with us next year!

Mandatory group photo with the Golden Briefcase

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