From senior sales consultant to territory sales manager

David O’Farrell, EMBA 2008, had built a successful career selling medical devices, but yearned for a management job that would be more rewarding and require less travel. He enrolled in the Executive MBA Program as a way to fill in gaps in his business knowledge and qualify for a promotion within his company. But not long after he graduated, events beyond his control–recession and industry disruption–necessitated a change of plan. After he was caught in a round of layoffs, finding a new position became an urgent priority. David discovered that the job market had changed dramatically since the last time he’d gone through a transition. Turning to the EMBA career counselor for assistance and moral support, David developed and implemented a successful career search. It took nine months, but in the end he had multiple offers and achieved his career goal.

For the experienced professionals who graduate from Foster’s Executive MBA Program, career challenges come in many shapes and sizes. Watch four EMBA alumni talk about facing these challenges. Each triumphed over adversity with new knowledge and skills, a new network of contacts and assistance from the EMBA program’s career coach.

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