Fully Experiencing My Study Abroad

natalie.jpgMy name is Natalie Lomax, and I am currently a Junior that is studying abroad at the University of Manchester.  The University of Manchester is located an hour and a half north of London, England by train.  It is the second largest city in the UK although you would be surprised how small it really is.  Lined with matching brick buildings, old architecture and friendly British accents, Manchester gives off a great vibe.  I am studying Finance and Marketing back at UW and Manchester has been a great fit for me  since there are so many electives I can get credit for over here.  The teaching style is different, much more independent and be prepared to do lots of reading, but overall the course load is manageable and leaves a good amount of time to travel.  Every weekend that I am here I am traveling somewhere new.  Since I have been here I have been to Edinburgh, Wales, London, Dublin, Stratford and am leaving for Italy in three days!  Of course the education is important but I feel that I have learned so much more here that goes beyond lectures.  I expanded my knowledge on other cultures and inspired curiosity of more of the world.  I would recommend going abroad with the UW Foster School of Business to anyone…its an amazing experience.