A Global Perspective: Diwali- The Festival of Lights

Last week MBA students celebrated the Festival of Diwali, presented by the Global Business Association. The Global Business Association (GBA) is an MBA student club at Foster focusing on global business, seeking to enhance MBA candidates’ understanding of cross-border and cross-cultural business issues that permeate the modern business environment.

A popular festival in Hinduism, Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil and the celebration of knowledge. It is considered the Hindu festival of lights, symbolized by the lighting of lamps to dispel the darkness.

This special celebration brought together Evening MBA and Full-Time MBA students as well as their families to enjoy, reflect, and share experiences. In addition to a discussion about Diwali and sharing Indian food and music in celebration, there was a henna booth where students learned of the history and use of henna, while also practicing applying henna on their hands and an opportunity to learn to wear a sari or try a turban. It was a joyful occasion with sparking lights, attendees illuminated by candlelight, creating a festive atmosphere–all to celebrate Diwali.

Foster MBA students and families celebrating Diwali

From functional clubs like the Foster Marketing Association and Foster Consulting Society to industry clubs, such as Level Up! (for the video game industry) and the Outdoor & Sports Industry Club to diversity and interest clubs, such as the GBA, there is something for everyone at Foster to help you grow your network and learn outside of the classroom.  The GBA seeks to enhance the Foster experience through a variety of networking and guest speaker events where members have the unique opportunity to interact with prominent international business leaders and expand their networks locally in Seattle and globally, encouraging us all to be citizens of the world.

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