GMAT Anxiety

Tracy Gojdics, Director

I have been meeting with many applicants and prospective students lately to discuss their GMAT scores and want to share with you my thoughts on this test that causes folks a lot of anxiety…

– The GMAT is just one component of the application. When we say that the admissions process is a holistic process we mean it. The GMAT score does not tell an applicant’s whole story.

– We accept a students with a range of GMAT scores. Typically the average is around 630 for a class, but the range can be quite vast. Because we get to know most of the applicants and have had a conversation with them about their work history, aspirations and educational background, should a “low” (to quote applicants) GMAT doesn’t override what we know about you.

– Believe it or not there have been times when applicants with 700+ GMAT scores have not been offered admission. It comes down to fit, ability to contribute, motivation and interpersonal and team skills. Scoring high in these areas are what count.

Is there a “minimum” score required? It depends. If you are unsure of whether you should retake the GMAT please come see me or call me.

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