GMAT from my perspective….

Wei Huang, TMMBA Student (Class of 2012)

Hello Everyone!

I’m going to provide some GMAT information.  I’ll also include some of my experiences and favorite resources along the way.


Test Structure and Overview

This link provides all the information about the exams.  Also, all the GMAT prep books include the exam details. 

Registration & Location (Puget Sound):

Website: – Need to create a login and password.

Cost: $250

Remember to register early to guarantee a spot.  These testing locations also test other exams.

There are 2 sites available in the Puget Sound region:  Renton & North Seattle.


1300 SW 7th St # 113

Renton, WA 98057-5225

(425) 277-6690


10700 Meridian Ave N

Suite 407 (between 107th St & Northgate Way)

Seattle, WA 98133

Neighborhood: Haller Lake

(206) 417-9986

For Military personnel:

Department of Defense (DOD) – Never knew what the DOD stand for when I was registering.

  • NTC Pierce College McChord AFB – DoD only, McChord AFB, WA, United States
  • EDU CTR 0001 Fort Lewis – DoD only, Fort Lewis, WA, United States

Day of the Exam info:

  • You are provided multiple yellow laminated sheets with an erasable sharpie-like pen that is used instead of paper and pencil.   So keep that in mind when practicing.

Here’s a good description of the ‘scratch paper’:

  • A key and locker are issued to you to put your personal belongings in.
  • Your finger is scanned so when you return to your testing station, your finger is always scanned.

After sitting down, there are a series of questions about what B-schools you want to apply to.  Unfortunately, you have to answer the questions before moving on to the writing assessment portion.  I always thought the actual exam would be just like the practice exams – start writing away on the first writing assessment and moving on to the other sections.  The 5 or 10 minutes or so it takes to complete the questions, in my opinion, slows the momentum down when taking the exam.  You feel all pumped and ready with all the formulas, idioms memorized and then you have to pause to answer the questions.  Adds an additional nervousness

  • Anytime you return to your computer, the proctor escorts you to your seat and logs you in.
  • End of exam – you have the option to submit or not submit the exam.
  • Exam results are printed on the spot but it’s not the official paper work.

Favorite GMAT website:

I believe everything you want to know about the GMAT and the MBA application process is all here.  The forum is amazing.  You can get answers to about any of the questions in the GMAT books.  A lot of the forum moderators are instructors from Kaplan, Princeton Review, Manhattan GMAT (MGMAT) and from other GMAt prep schools.  I remember in a post that one of the MGMAT instructors actually took the GMAT to test the theory of not finishing the exam.  It’s not good to not answer all the questions.  Also, GMAT consulting companies are also on the forums answering questions.

  • Admission essay tips – A lot of advice!
  • BEATTHEGMAT flashcards – great to have so you can memorize those idioms, formulas or tips.
  • Scholarships are also available from
  • Recommended GMAT books that are a must-have.  It’s all in this site and I really recommend future applicants to visit this site.

GMAT Prep classes:

Manhattan GMAT – I love the MGMAT Prep.  My instructor was excellent in explaining solutions.  On difficult questions, he would have 3 ways in solving the questions.  Also, there is online material that you can review.  The online material is a recording of a previous class and the material is the same material you go over in class but with a different instructor.

Also, included in the prep class is a Microsoft Spreadsheets that keeps track of all your MGMAT, and all of the Official GMAT books (aka ETS).  Wrong answers are highlighted in red until you get the answer correct.  I enjoyed correcting my mistakes until I got it right instead of looking at the answer right away.  There are also stats and graphs you can look at to see where you need to improve.  Also, included in the prep class is the yellow laminated sheet, pen and a stop watch.  There is also admission guide that is included, which is a very helpful guide that includes admission tips/advice/samples.

The class cost me a good $2000.

Hope you enjoyed the info and find these tips useful.

Good luck!

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