GMAT: The Next Generation

Ally Wewers, TMMBA Program Coordinator

While it may sound like the next installment in the Star Wars trilogy, the “Next Generation GMAT” actually refers to the changes coming for the Graduate Management Admissions Test, more fondly known as the GMAT. Before you start to worry about “Revenge of the GMAT” and “The GMAT Strikes Back”, keep in mind that the new test version is actually not the complete overhaul it sounds like it is. Much of the original test is remaining the same, with only a (somewhat minor) addition of a new section.

June 2nd, 2012 will be the last day for exam-takers to test using the “old” format GMAT. But starting June 5th, all GMAT exams will be featuring a new Integrated Reasoning Portion. The Integrated Reasoning (IR) section is designed to measure test-takers’ abilities to synthesize, convert, and manipulate data from multiple sources.

In honor of all the graphs, tables, and multi-tabbed pages that you’ll be seeing on the new IR section, I’ve synthesized and combined some helpful information about the Next Generation GMAT below:

A few more resources that you may find useful:

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So get  your light sabers- uh- I mean pencils- ready folks. Start prepping for the Next Generation GMAT with the Integrated Reasoning section now, and you’ll be ready come June 5th!

May the force be with you!

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