Heather Chan – Honeywell

Group Picture - Heather Chan

As a supply chain intern at Honeywell, my main project involved Job Safety Analysis write ups. My role involved identifying potential hazards for over forty manufacturing procedures at the aerospace plant. I gained a greater understanding of how the supply chain in the factory worked as well as how the products were created. It also gave me a chance to get to know a lot of workers of all backgrounds. In addition to my main project, I attended everyday planning meetings with the supply chain group I worked in and set up immersions/job shadows with people who worked on the supply and demand side. Also, as a side project, a few other interns and I were in charge of creating a safety video that all Honeywell members and guests are required to watch before entering the site. At the end of my internship, I gave a presentation on my individual project and my overall internship experience at Honeywell.

The social events for the interns were quite frequent and a lot of fun. We went bowling, visited Boeing, took part in a flight test at Paine Field, and attended two major sporting events. We were given a lot of great opportunities to get to know the other interns. Following my experience, I would encourage students looking for an internship at a major company to step outside their comfort zone. Although I hadn’t initially intended to work for an Aerospace company I found that I had a great opportunity to learn because I knew so little about the industry. My internship also taught me the importance of asking questions. Time is limited and most people are happy to help you out.