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Susie Buysse, Career Services Manager

In my work, I’m fortunate to partner with Ann Girarde, my colleague from the Executive MBA program. We hold various Executive Networking events for both student populations. Recently, we hosted:

May 2009: Personal Leadership with Jan Dwyer, Founder of Boundless Results

It was a lively night with a wealth of practical information. The goals & takeaways were:
o Discover ways to become more self-aware and objectively assess your leadership potential
o Identify how a high “EQ” (Emotional Intelligence) can accelerate your leadership with others
o Identify ways to create meaningful relationships with others

June 2009: Orville Pierson of Lee Hecht Harrison joined us for an informative morning on Highly Effective Job Search Using Highly Effective Networking. He shared tips and techniques on how to:
• Speak effectively and comfortably with your networking contacts.
• Leverage even a small network to reach insiders and decision makers before the job opening is announced.
• Get the right message to the right people.

I especially liked his step-by-step process and tips for networking with professional contacts:
1. Determine who you want to meet
2. Map their networks
3. Look for overlap with yours
4. Locate someone to introduce you

Remember to be interested & be interesting! How to be interesting:
o Do your research
o Share information on organizations, industries, people, best practices in your profession

Remember, networking is about information exchange on topics that interest both of you.

I took away some valuable notes. Topping the list was to make people comfortable with my request ensuring them that I don’t want them to find a job for me, but simply want an introduction. The other revelation that was helpful is the vastness of my network when I broaden the parameters.
TMMBA alumnus attendee

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