Hi Mates from Sydney, Australia

Bondi to Coogee WalkGreetings, from your crazy German who currently studies at the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia. For all who don’t know me personally; I am Jerry Zarski a senior at UW studying International Business and Marketing. I am half Polish and half German and lived most of my life in Europe. Then I decided to come to the United States and study at a great Business School just like the one at UW. So after a couple years at a local College, I made it to Foster and I love it there. And although I have travelled to over 25 countries so far and am considered to be an international student who studies abroad full-time in the US, I yet was looking for another adventure. The reason that I applied for this great Exchange Program at Foster is because Karen Ucol a former exchange student who went to the University of Sydney couldn’t stop telling me how amazing Australia is. Royal National ParkAnd guess what – she was right! I have been in Sydney for nearly a month now, and I am amazed by the diversity you can find here. This city never rests and there is always something to do.

When I first arrived, I did what most people do: stay in a hostel and then try to figure out where to live. I asked for a lot of advice concerning neighborhoods from former exchange students. This helped me a lot to find the best place that would fit to my needs. I now live in Pyrmont right next to the famous Darling Harbour in a fantastic apartment with Germans, French, and Brazilians. I just need to walk out the door and around the corner, and I am at the Pyrmont Bridge which is the pedestrian bridge across Darling Harbour. From that bridge you have amazing views of the city. Another bonus is that the office of AD IQ Global, where I am doing my internship at, is also just down the street. So every Monday I spend about 2 minutes to get to work. Fantastic!

The University of Sydney has a semester-system which comes to great advantage if you are used to a quarter-system. It simply means you have much more time to do the things you want to outside. And there are plenty of things to do. My friends and I actually created a huge list of things that we wanted to do and see while we are here and now each weekend we plan and organize trips where exchTaronga Zooange students from all over the world can join us.  There are amazing deals to be made such as the Discovery Pass which you can get for just 50 Australian Dollars. It gives you one-time access for the Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Wildlife, Sydney Tower and the Oceanworld Manly. The great thing about this is that the tickets don’t expire for about 2 months so you can decide when. Unfortunately the next adventure is already waiting and therefore I won’t be able to continue to write much more as this would take up an entire book to be filled with experiences that I have made. Sydney is as diverse as Australia is and has so much to offer that it is hard to realize at times. The beaches are amazing as well, but that is another story to tell. So today I am off to the Royal National Park, in fact the first national park in the world; I am excited!