Hiking in Taiwan

Guest Post by: Foster Information Systems and Marketing junior, Tina Liu. Tina is currently on a Foster Exchange at the National Chengchi University in Taiwan.

While there is so much to do in the city, let’s not forget about the gorgeous hiking trails that begin right at NCCU’s back door.

The first hike I went on was to Zhangsan Temple on Maokong Mountain. This is a popular hike for many locals, especially older folks, who hike here often to stay in shape. After you make your way to the upper half of campus, you start your trek up flights of stone steps. Within 45 minutes or so, you’ll reach the temple with a grand view of Taipei. Feel free to help yourself to a complementary cup of hot tea, so long as you rinse your tea cup before placing it back on the shelf!

If you’re planning for a day trip a little farther away from campus, visiting Keelung City is a great option. As opposed to the dirt paths we’re used to in Washington, the hike up Dashwan Mountain to Zhongzheng Park is more like a paved road with — you guessed it — more steep steps to climb. It took us about an hour to walk from the bus stop and up to our first sight along the trail: a buddhist temple. At this spot, you might notice a large white statue in the distance. If you continue through the park for another 30 minutes, you can see the Goddess of Mercy, up close and personal. At this area in the park, you can give a donation to ring the bell and climb to the top of the statue (from the inside).

These are just a couple of the hikes I’ve done so far and I am excited to try the Teapot Mountain Trail in New Taipei City and the Yinhe Cave Trail behind NCCU. It may be hot and humid in Taiwan, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing these hikes!