Hybrid MBA Application Tips: Selection Process

The Hybrid MBA Program is Foster’s mostly online MBA, geared towards working professionals who want the rigor and reputation of a Foster MBA, but need the convenience of an online program.

Are you ready to apply to the Hybrid MBA, but curious about our selection criteria and evaluation process? We’re here to help!

Selection Process

Our objective is to select students who demonstrate a strong aptitude for business and leadership, and who have a strong commitment to completing program requirements. Students will need to be well organized and self-motivated to be successful in an online learning environment. Applicants are selected not only for their potential to benefit from the program, but also for the experience and knowledge they can contribute to their classmates. All applicants are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Professional Experience
  • Demonstrated Leadership Potential
  • Education
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • General Intellectual Ability
  • Diversity and Inclusion

The Admissions committee take a holistic approach to selecting the right candidates, reviewing all of your application materials to understand the full picture of each applicant and extending an interview to all qualified applicants. Read more about our selection process and a list of requirements for the application process.

One step to your application will be to submit your resume as an overview of your work experience.

Work Experience and Resume

  • Work experience is required for the Hybrid MBA Program. We recommend having a minimum of 3 years post-baccalaureate professional work experience.
  • The resume is a very important part of your application because it conveys to the admissions committee your professional work history as well as your accomplishments and career progression.
  • We want to hear about all of your work experience since you started your professional career. For some, that begins after graduating from college. For others, their career began after high school with their undergraduate degree coming later. Feel free to include your community involvement or volunteer activities.
  • Your resume does not need to be summarized in one page. It is completely acceptable to submit a 2-3 page resume.
  • Structure your resume in reverse chronological order, including months and years worked. We want to be able to follow your timeline, starting with your current job and going backwards all the way to the beginning of you professional career. This helps us assess your career progression over time.
  • For each position, include a responsibility summary (a brief section describing your primary responsibilities) and accomplishment bullets (3-6 bullets for most recent position and 1-3 for former positions).

If you’d like more information about the Hybrid MBA, please join us for an online Info Session. The Hybrid MBA admissions team is here to help you along the way. Connect with us individually or join us for an upcoming Application Workshop for more tips on navigating the admissions process.

Published 04.13.2021

Updated 01.27.2021

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