UW Hybrid MBA Expands U.S. Reach

Hybrid MBA Expands US Reach

UW’s Hybrid MBA is growing in size and reach

UW Foster’s Hybrid MBA format is thriving (and bucking national MBA trends) with its unique delivery approach and giving students what they want.

Launched in 2017, the University of Washington’s Hybrid MBA program offers a unique format, 95% online and 5% on campus. It allows students to engage in the renowned UW Foster academic experience from wherever they live across the United States while joining their classmates and professors quarterly on campus.

Since its inception, the Hybrid MBA program currently attracts applicants from 21 different states. Hybrid’s Class of 2019 included students living in 6 states and it has grown from there. This increased reach is coupled with an increase in enrollment, as the program total enrollment was up 25% from the previous academic year.

What makes the Hybrid MBA an attractive option?

Unique Format

  • Each quarter, students come on campus for 3-5 days for in person class, to meet their professors for that quarter, and to network with each other and other Foster MBAs. Then course work going online with synchronous classes held weekly by Foster’s World Class Faculty, along with optional review sessions.

In Person Component. In Seattle.

Online. From Anywhere.

  • Students can log on for their “live” classes from wherever they are in the world. We’ve asked students “Where Did You Hybrid?” And the answers circled the globe from Cuba to Hungary to Japan and many places in between.