Flying In [Phoenix Edition]: Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews Hybrid MBAName: Andy Andrews
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Current Position: Manager, Strategic Partnerships at Carvana
Undergraduate Degree: Business & Communications, Arizona State University

Fun Fact: I have ran with the bulls in Spain


Coming from Phoenix, why did you choose the Hybrid MBA program at the UW Foster School of Business?

I chose the Hybrid MBA program at Foster because of the curriculum, the importance placed on teamwork, and the community surrounding the University of Washington. Overall, I thought that Foster had the best blend of contributing factors that would lead to a great experience and future success.

What part of the Hybrid MBA Experience do I enjoy most?

  • Team activities during immersion and our team’s weekly sync have been highlights for me.
  • Gaining knowledge and applying that to my work everyday.

How has the Hybrid MBA supported you from a career perspective? 

From a career perspective, the Hybrid MBA has allowed me to continue building my network in the greater Phoenix area while allowing me a world-class UW education. I really get the best of both worlds. Especially in today’s modern world which is mostly remote or some form of workplace hybrid, this program has helped me communicate with fellow employees better. Right at the start of the program I made a jump to a brand new position within my company and really had to start relationship building from square one, not too different from starting the program and meeting all my new classmates.

Foster provided me teamworking tools that helped me work better in ambiguity, overall business acumen that helped me operate better in a more visible role, and frankly a self-confidence that I may have not had otherwise.

What are your fellow students like? Have they enhanced your experience?

My classmates have been instrumental in not only my experience but my success as well. Teamwork is highly valued at Foster and one of the reasons I ended up choosing the program. The best part of my fellow students is the diverse backgrounds, experiences, learning styles, and more. It has been incredible to work with people that I would have never gotten the chance to otherwise and see them work through and tackle problems in ways I wouldn’t have.

Also, the varying stages of personal and professional life we are all in gives a really healthy perspective. It is easy to lose yourself in your day to day workplace and personal issues but Foster has given me a great opportunity to take a step back and see that we are all fighting battles in one way or the next. At the end of the day, being connected through trying to improve ourselves with an MBA helps push my experience forward further.

Have any classes from the MBA curriculum particularly struck you?

Even the classes I have struggled with I have really enjoyed and found valuable. The staff has been outstanding in tying in industry with academic learning. Some classes to call out in particular are MGMT 501: Leading Teams, MKTG 518: Strategic Marketing Management, Econ 510: Microeconomics, and Fin 505: Corporate Finance.


This post is part of a series called “Flying In” where we feature students who come in from the region and across the nation to earn their MBA at Foster.

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