Hybrid MBA Student Experience – from the lens of an alum

Hybrid MBA and the path to professional and personal growth

Takashi Ohno (HMBA 2022) and a member of our career management team, Mikaela Boyd, recently shared their thoughts on the Hybrid MBA student experience and the breadth of support offered by UW Foster.  Takashi spoke frankly about his time as working professional public servant, juggling family and academics, all the while mapping his career vision for the future. Recognizing the value of the Hybrid MBA career management team, Takashi said yes to all support and networking opportunities provided and achieved the ultimate “triple jump” – he transitioned industry, discipline and geography all in one big leap!


Takashi Ohno

Takashi Ohno | Photo Credit: Hawaii State House of Representatives

The UW Hybrid MBA program allowed me to continue working and living in Hawaii. I still had the opportunity at the beginning of every quarter to see my professors in person, sit down in a real classroom and to network with my very accomplished classmates. We met at the start of every quarter and that immersion was always something that was a blast – both academically and personally.

The other thing that cinched the deal for me [when choosing the Hybrid MBA program] was the network within the UW Foster Community and HMBA’s national rankings – it just made for a perfect fit.”  – Takashi Ohno, Hybrid MBA 2022


Career Management for the Hybrid MBA Student

The Hybrid MBA Program is recognized consistently for its robust career management offerings.  Hybrid MBA students are supported with tremendous professional development, including 1:1 and group career coaching, alumni mentorship programs, career events and company treks, career change groups and more.

Woman smiling headshot

Mikaela Boyd, Hybrid MBA Career Coach

The key differentiators of the Hybrid MBA career management program are around the breadth of services we provide our students. Our team is here to create a customized path that helps students crystallize their career goals and help them make a clear action plan to get there. It’s done through personalized one-on-one career coaching support as well as a broad suite of services, resource content, and experiences we provide. These range from on-demand career content to groups that support career change and job search, and our alumni mentoring program.

Our opt-in professional development program of over 60 career workshops and events annually, leadership speaker series, and a variety of ways to connect with employers both virtually as well as in person is a testament to our student support throughout their MBA.  Ultimately the goal of our career development is not just to help students find their next step but to help them gain clarity for long-term fulfilling career growth.”    – Mikaela Boyd