Hybrid MBA Celebrates Student Veterans

The Hybrid MBA Program is honored to have a decorated set of students who are currently serving in the US Military or are Veterans. Amongst our newest Class of 2022, 11% are active duty or Veterans. The Hybrid MBA program is a great fit for those with military experience because of the flexibility and the ability to use GI benefits, among many reasons. Furthermore, students who are active duty or transitioning out of the military have the self-discipline, drive, and team focus that help anyone succeed in Foster’s Hybrid MBA. For Veteran’s Day, we spoke with two students who share their experience in the US Marine Corps and the Hybrid MBA Program.

US Marine- ZackZachery Vogt
Captain in the US Marine Corps

This Veterans Day I would like to thank those that served our country. Your service to the nation has imbued a high sense of community above self, and continuous self-improvement. I extend an extra thank you for those that served in the face of conflict and routinely made decisions that affected the lives of others.

Current Roles: Stay-at-home dad, Reserve Officer

Current Location: Spokane, Washington

Why did you choose the University of Washington’s Hybrid MBA?

I left active duty in the Summer of 2020, and wanted to continue my career where I would add to my overall net worth and add to my network outside of the DoD. With only 10% of the students with military experience, I have learned about local and national industries from other 90% of the class. Personally, I work with a team of five other students and they are always teaching me something new and interesting about their experiences. Lastly, the Foster School’s reputation for being the “#1 in MBA Job Placement,” in the Financial Times is something I expect will add to my net worth.

What concerns did you have about coming back to school, and how has the Hybrid MBA addressed these concerns?

While I transitioned from active duty I was concerned about financing the program, flexibility, and finding a foundation in the Pacific Northwest. As I make this career pivot my wife is also attending school in Spokane, WA. The GI Bill has provided 100% housing benefits for the Seattle area, and we can continue to live in Spokane.

The flexibility of the online portion does not require that you live in the Seattle area, and instead allows for weekly deadlines that keep you on track from anywhere in the world.

While there are a few other veterans in class to relate with, many of the cohort has professional or personal ties to the Northwest. Many of the case studies we have explored have involved local companies as well. This has allowed me to learn about local business practices, cultures, and communities before I jump into a full-time role in the area.


Tim Meldahl
Major US Marine Corps

Current role: Major, 6th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company

Current location: Joint Base Lewis-McChord
(near Tacoma, Washington)

Tell us about your military experience. 

I joined the Marines in 2009 as a 2nd Lieutenant. I completed flight school in 2012 and was stationed in San Diego from 2013-2019 while flying the mighty CH-53E Super Stallion. I deployed three times during that span, once on an Navy ship, once to Kuwait and once to Japan. I left active duty in August of 2019 and joined the reserves. I am currently serving with 6th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord and have recently been promoted to the rank of Major.

How have you been able to leverage your military experience in the Hybrid MBA program?

I feel that my military experience sets me up well for the HMBA format because it taught me to approach challenges with enthusiasm and tenacity.

Throughout my time in the Marine Corps, I learned to create my own motivation when it was hard to come by and I think that self-reliance will help push me when the studying gets tough.