The Hybrid MBA Program Experience: Electives

Today’s blog post is another in a series of blog posts that shed light on the Hybrid MBA Program experience. This series will focus on a variety of topics, including the Immersions, Foster Live sessions, on-campus activities, study teamscareer management resources and more.  Today’s topic: electives

As part of the Hybrid MBA Program, students will have the ability to enhance their academic studies by choosing some of their courses in the second year. Students will elect five, 2-credit courses in addition to being enrolled in required core courses.

What are elective courses?

Electives are an opportunity for students to choose from a vetted selection of course options that are outside of the core program requirements. Elective courses are determined based on the interest survey students complete in Quarter 1, and high-demand topics within the Foster School. The areas of highest interest include: Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Leadership and Data Analytical courses. For a list of current offerings check out the Year Two Curriculum.

How does the process work?

During the first quarter of the Hybrid MBA Program, students will participate in a preference survey to determine areas of knowledge that are most interesting to them. From there the Program Team will work with faculty to determine availability and course topics that are feasible to offer as electives. 

In the Spring Quarter of year one, students will receive a list of elective courses by quarter. It is during Spring Quarter that students select their five elective courses for year two. A course must have at least 10 students to be developed and offered.  It is important to note that most of the elective courses will only be offered once during the second year depending on interest and faculty availability.

Number of electives offered vs. chosen:

AUTUMN, YEAR 2:   Three elective courses offered – students choose one course

WINTER, YEAR 2:     Four elective courses offered – students choose two courses

SPRING, YEAR 2:      Four elective courses offered – students choose two courses

Current Elective Offerings

These are the current elective offerings for Hybrid MBA students:

Behavioral Finance
Business Analytics: Big Data
Digital Marketing Strategies & Systems
Foundations of Entrepreneurship
International Supply Chain Management
International Study Tour
Leading Organizational Change
Mergers & Acquisitions
Product Management
Real Estate Finance


Updated 2/21/2020

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