Integration Weekend

Audencia2We had integration weekend last week with the IC Team. I paid 90 euros to go on a trip organized by some of the students at Audencia with two buses of international students. I had my doubts at first about whether it was worthwhile or not. It was! We went to Bordeaux and had a tour of the city and a small wine tasting. We were all pretty cold and I was feeling tired by the end of our time in town. We walked back to our hotel and then went to a restaurant where we had a three course meal. The next day was the most memorable though! We took a boat ride and went to a giant sand dune for lunch. After our picnic, we all climbed to the top and took lots of photos. Some people ran down the other side of it. Although I was tempted, I decided not to run down it because I knew how bad the walk back up would have been. It was lots of fun to watch everyone who did it though. The view was stunning. On one side we had the water, and on the other we looked out onto a forest. I also spent a lot of time talking to French students.