Internship in Mexico leads to career success

Jillian GoodreauMeet Jillian Goodreau. She is twice an alumna of the Foster School of Business. She earned her BABA in 2011 and Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) in 2012. Jillian also earned a Certificate of International Studies in Business (Spanish Track) from the Foster School as part of her undergraduate degree. Jillian shared with us how the CISB program and her internship in Mexico have impacted her career.

How has CISB helped you in your career?
Through the CISB program, I had the opportunity to intern at the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2010. As a result, I learned different styles of doing things and different ways to think about things from what I was used to in the U.S. I think this has impacted the way I interact with people, better knowing I need to consider their points of view. It has also improved my analytical skills as I always try to tackle a problem from multiple angles. Both of these skills have made me much more successful in my career.

What are a few highlights from your work abroad experience?
My favorite part of being abroad was the food. The meals were not only delicious but also provided an easy and enjoyable way to meet other people and share stories and jokes. I also visited many tourist attractions during my time abroad, but I learned the most at the dinner table.

What are your career plans?
Currently, I am a senior associate in the audit practice at KPMG.

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