IS, IT, and Community

This blog post was written by Foster student and YEOC Mentor Khatsini Simani. Photography by Mentor Mike Guevarra.

Fethawit Musye

Mentor Fethawit Musye speaks during mentor lecture

YEOC kicked off the new year with a high-level introduction to Information Systems and Information Technology. This month’s session, which included a career fair, self-care panel, and a product design competition, touched on several areas of personal development— from networking and presentation skills to practicing self-care in college.


Mentees connect with College Success Foundation

The day began with the 4th Annual YEOC Career Fair during which representatives from over fifteen organizations shared opportunities available to mentees.


Mentees work together on the Internet of Things design challenge

During the mentor lecture, organizers Abiel Zewolday and Fethawit Musye relayed an important message to students: they can absolutely excel within tech companies, with or without a technical degree. After learning the difference between Information Systems and Information Technology, the Cloud, wearable technology and more, mentees combined their creative talents and newly acquired knowledge to design an IOT (Internet of Thing) product that would improve the lives of high school students.

Jason Barnwell

EY keynote speaker attorney Jason Barnwell addressed mentees

Following the design competition and team presentations Microsoft’s Assistant General Counsel Jason Barnwell shared his story about finding his voice, his person, and his passion on the way a career as an attorney. Throughout his talk, he offered lessons to all of us about overcoming hardship, learning from mistakes and finding success.

Jordan Faralan

Jordan Faralan, Communications and Community Engagement Coordinator at Powerful Voices introduces self-care and community care topics

In the last few hours of the day, mentor in training Miracle Okoli led a workshop for sophomores called Finding Your Future Major. Juniors and seniors attended a panel on self and community care facilitated by Jordan Faralan, Communications and Community Engagement Coordinator at Powerful Voices.

Idowu Jeremiah

Mentor Idowu Jeremiah and Mentees

As we approach the middle of the school year, our YEOC community is already transforming into a space of holistic support, where we aim to empower students not just as students, but as individuals. This was evident not only in the activities organized by Abeil and Fethi in this month’s session, but in the smaller conversations throughout the day, where we shared stories, offered support and encouragement to one another, and reminded each other that we are in the business of success together.

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