It’s Business Time!

Aaron Lykken, Manager of Academic Services & Technologies

The smell of fresh cut grass.  The afternoon summer sun shining bright. The company of good friends. Loads of exercise.  Tons of fun.  These all help describe the opening season for the TMMBA alumni ultimate frisbee team, It’s Business Time.  The TMMBA program fielded a team for DiscNW‘s 2011 Summer Corporate League and saw a lot of success, going deep into the playoffs and playing for 3rd place in a league long dominated by titans such as Microsoft Corporation,, and the Boeing Company.  The league pitted Seattle area companies head to head each Wednesday evening on the fields of Magnuson Park.  Plastic flew, the chants were loud, sportsmanship high, and the victories sweet.  We started as a mixed band of talents, with alumni from over the years with varying athletic abilities and staff.  As the season pressed on we learned each others playing habits, grew as players, got in better shape, and saw our offense and defense come together in harmony.  The experience was unique from other alumni activities in that we were able to strengthen connections with people we already know but also to meet new people and get to know them over the course of the season.  There is already discussion of an end of season BBQ and putting together a team for next summer!